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Weather Or Not You Survive is the Interactive TV Network with a variety of shows which puts you into the action, showing you the threats and challenges you face where you live.  

There are Two Kinds of Action
Many Forms of Interactivity

We need to adjust to Climate Change.  It cannot be stopped at this point, and waiting puts the lives of uncounted people at risk.   So, at the same time, we move with all speed towards a sustainable human presence on Earth.  We need to begin a move to real sustainability, both in our interface with the Earth and in our economy.  We will find out who the polluters are, hold them liable, and judge them in the court of public opinion, financially. Faux Green must end. 

This will include substantial changes in how we build and how we live.  This does not mean this will be more primitive.  For example, instead of houses that demand continuous upkeep and attention, we will have sustainable homes that are 3DPrinted, fireproof, waterproof for a twentieth of the costs. These measures will free up time for what we want to do, as opposed to focusing on working just to pay our bills. 

This network will be an example of these principles in action..  If you want to do something about the environment, these shows make it possible for you to build your own business doing so.  

We cover the action with Interactive TV, 2-Way Mass Audience Participation on all platforms.  This includes satellite, cable, and streaming to and from your device. 

You learn about the dangers in your own area, which make these changes necessary, by becoming a roving uplink reporter,filming people, the problems they are facing, and by using the tools we provide with Interaction.  In this way, Interactivists organize locally to get the facts, take action, and solve the problems. 

Just one example of this is our Eco-Emergency Alert phone app, available on Android.  The app includes 21 databases, including accurate data on hazards from pollution right around your house.  Be informed.  Then, take action. 

This comes as a shock to most people.  There are times when you can see the pollution, and times when it is invisible.  Either way, pollutants can damage you,your family, and our world.  It can also compromise how you do business.  Not all pollutants are human-caused.  One instance of this is the high level of Uranium in the soil in Northern Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Virginia.  The tobacco industry since at least the 1980s.  They just neglected to change where they raise their tobacco and mention those facts.  

For instance, with chewing tobacco people ingest 90% bio-available by photosynthesis wrapping amino acids around the metal ion, known as U-235.  When smoked, the fire is hot enough to break down the Uranium atom into 2 isotopes: 1) is Polonium-210 which is used in nuclear breeder reactors as the half-life product of U-235; 2) The other is X-Rays from U-239.  If you breathe smoke, you will 'glow in the dark' which causes cancers of many kinds, according to Bill Brake, Former Tobacco Farmer and Founder, The Tobacco Farm Life and History Museum in Rocky Mountain, North Carolina;  and Dr. Bill Brake, who has run the Federal Agricultural Station for North Carolina during the latter part of the 20th Century.  Both Bill Brakes told the stories, and showed the evidence, 

Since the death of the founder, the focus has moved away from tobacco as a cause of cancer, emphasizing instead its place in 400 years of American History.   We do not expect the tobacco industry to become a sponsor.  

Survival includes understanding the impact of many products in use today, along with the dangers of oil, insecticides, and pharmaceuticals, and indoor and outdoor pollution.  There is much to be done, which provides identification of risks, analysis by professional methods, remediation and disposal of pollutants in ways that end these threats.    

Our Interactive TV shows will cover all of them. 

Exposing Polluters, ensuring they are found liable and held accountable,  requires similar action.   In parallel, this will also be a game, sort of like Fortnite.  ​​

Our guides, or hosts, bring it together.  They will host the show, field questions, dialog on the issues, share segments produced by our remote crews, and help with finding additional resources so we can save humanity - and the Earth. 

Visit the sites on our INTERACTION Page.  (Going ACTIVE soon!)

PACT People ACT , is your destination for local organizing, 19 Minutes is a real-life cautionary script, Avert Alert outlines threats and leads on to solutions.  Lincoln's Risk-Registry, Ratings & Relief , puts the actions of polluters into terms of the impact of destroying the lives and property of people for profit. And Saviation , a combination of Salvation and aviation, shows real-life solutions using technologies. 

Introducing You To Our Guides
These sections are still being developed.  

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Here, you will get to know your Survival Teams

  1. Tsunami
    Do you know what do do?
  2. Flooding
    What changes you need to make to survive
  3. Earthquakes can kill
    Earthquakes can kill
    Are you ready?
  4. The level of our seas
    The level of our seas
    What can you do to adjust?
  5. Wildfires
    More intense and more frequent
  6. Explosions
    What Can Happen

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