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What is going on where you are?

Weather shows give you what is happening with weather.  Weather or Not You Survive provides reports of pending hazards, breaking disasters, and provides accurate data on each of these as developing situations.  In multiple parts of America people's lives are threatened every day by disasters and threats.  You need to know, and you need accurate information.  

     Using a combination of local reports and rising threats made by our in-house sources you stay informed and have the tools to respond to those who are putting our lives and the lives of our families in danger.  

      Thepressure points for enacting change and holding corporations accountable are far more numerous than you likely imagined. Weather Or Not You Survive uses all of them, including naming those in corporate boards and others to be held accountable for puting our lives and health at risk.  

        When you see what is happening; know how many are already fighting diseases and pollution we realize what is on the line.  Local people can organize using PACT People ACT, a website which will show people what has worked; what could work; and the steps to be taken.  
       Learning from others and moving the ball toward and end to polluting and on to clean-up is empowering, focusing attention on needed change.  

           Yes, ofcourse there will be Weather Folks, but their focus will be on Interactivist action.